Chapter: Choosing The Right Foundation

06 Dec 2019Beauty
Chapter: Choosing The Right Foundation

Choosing the right foundation is not an easy task while it is perhaps the most important feature for a flawless result. Especially nowadays that the choices are countless as brands keep launching a variety of compositions, it is more likely than ever to get confused; on the other hand lots of choices means more chances to find the perfect match for our skin.

As long as we learn to pay attention on some determinant factors, we should be reassured that the outcome cannot go too wrong. Personally I love very natural results so what I consider before buying a new foundation is:

  • Colour Shade

The right shade is the number one for an aesthetically good effect; we don’t want to have a face of different colour than the rest of our body, the face should blend with the neck naturally. Too dark can look ridiculous and too light, scary. Different brands, provide different ranges of shades, so if you can’t find an ideal shade on one brand don’t be stubborn and search for other brands. It is also very helpful if you can try the product on and check it on natural light before buying, as sometimes the intensive lighting in cosmetic stores covers any imperfections.

  • Coverage

Coverage is also important depending on what we aim for and what we like best. Favour natural healthy results? Go for a lighter formula. Need to cover some annoying faults (blemishes, pimples, pores, scars, etc.)? Go for a heavier alternative. If you do your research you will find out that you don’t necessarily have to go for “black or white”, there are options in between. Generally, I prefer light coverage, however I always have a heavier option for a night out make up.

  • Texture

To me, texture is a key element, not only in looking good but also in feeling good and comfortable while wearing the foundation. To choose the right texture, you should first know your skin type and its needs. Normal, oily, dry, combination or sensitive? Whatever it is there are suitable options in the market. I consider my skin to be normal with some periods of dryness so I constantly give preference to light and hydrating foundations but definitely not with a very rich formula as this would be too heavy for my skin and wouldn’t settle properly. Specifically, I currently use the LINGERIE DE PEAU AQUA NUDE from Guerlain in the Tres Clair Dore shade; it is a lovely light textured foundation with SPF 20, feels completely weightless, natural look that lasts long while provides intensive hydration. Oh and it smells this characteristic powdery “Guerlain Fragrance” which I simply adore. I may have some other foundations in my beauty bag, which I use instead depending on the occasion and what I want to achieve, but Lingerie Aqua Nude is my favourite every day all day foundation.

Lingerie De Peau Aqua Nude Guerlain

So briefly, colour shade, coverage and texture, are the three basic components that I would suggest for choosing the right product. However, in addition to that what I’ve read and found very useful and informative as a guide is the reviewing article “The best foundation”, which concludes to the 2 best foundations in the market. I would definitely recommend you to read this as it provides detailed material of which foundation would be best according to your skin type. The team has done a really good job of research in order to make it easier for you to get the right product. You can read the article here: The Best Foundation 

Do you have a favourite foundation so far?



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