Do you "b.liv" in Clear Pores?

06 Dec 2019Skincare
Do you "b.liv" in Clear Pores?

Without any doubt, “healthy skin begins with healthy pores”. Clear, healthy pores are the foundation for an inside out beautiful skin; that’s why I strongly believe, cleaning properly our face is more important than any miraculous cream.

I recently discovered the deep impact emulsion from the b.liv brand, which promises deep cleansing and pores purifying effect, against blackheads and blocked pores. The brand as its name’s pronunciation suggests, has been discovered to solve the common skin pores related concerns and make us “believe” in ourselves with more confidence and healthy skin. b.liv is a salon formulated and tested brand that can be said, specialises in skin pores management.

b.liv deep impact

It is now more than two weeks that I use the deep impact emulsion about 3 times a week at morning and night as a more pores focused cleansing approach. Its texture is velvety cream with some jojoba beads that help to clean the skin deeper. At damp skin, I apply a thin layer of the emulsion and massage gently in circular motions until the beads are dissolved and then rinsing well. I really like the fact that doesn’t have an intensive fragrance, if any, and immediately after usage I can feel my skin very smooth, while the globules obviously offer a concurrent soft exfoliation that results to purified pores.

deep impact emulsion b.liv

Deep Impact’s main ingredients are Kaolin to regulate any oiliness, Jojoba beads to eliminate dead skin cells, Hazel as an antioxidant and Aloe Vera as an anti-inflammatory and moisturising agent. 

b.liv offers a wide range of products concentrating on all kinds of pores related issues; clogged, inflamed, oily or large pores and also blackheads. You can explore the whole range on the link below:



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