Lipsticks on Earth

06 Dec 2019Beauty
Lipsticks on Earth

What can I say about lipsticks? They are constantly there... lots of them... different colours, shapes and brands... and still it’s always that one special shade that might seem to differ only slightly from the other but needs desperately to be added to my beauty bag.

However, today I’ll focus on a specific colour range of lipsticks with which I am more than obsessed lately, searching for all possible options. This is the earth toned colour spectrum, which can look a bit more pinkish or reddish, depending on the exact product but it always leads to the same beautiful result: simple and natural while at the same time enough to make the difference. Perfect from morning to late night.

I can say that for years, I used to be a big fan of dark, red colours rather than any natural shade, which seemed a bit useless in my eyes; what’s the point of wearing a lipstick that will look almost like my own natural colour? Until I got super bored and decided to try my first earth toned one... and that’s it! There is no way back, I just love them and I finally realised that the more natural the make up, the more beautiful the result. It’s true! Ok once in a while we can always overdo it but generally just keep it simple.

Currently my very favourite ones:

NARS – Audacious – ANNA
SHISHADO – Perfect Rouge – RD 732
YSL – Rouge Pur Couture – 27
MAC – Sheen Supreme – ASIAN FLOWER



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