Nails & Reading Glasses in Harmony

06 Dec 2019Fashion
Nails & Reading Glasses in Harmony

Although the nail colour shown in the pictures is a result of an accident and although I did it in hurry, so imperfections are obvious, I have to say I love it and I’m going to try it again in a more professional way in the future.

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The truth is that I was about to polish my nails with a very dark bordeaux colour but as long as I started I realised that the nail polish was about to finish and the result was very thick without any potential to be applied homogenously; and then I saw my reading glasses on the side which gave the hint.

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 So after applied the base coat, I applied one layer of the old, almost finished bordeaux nail polish only on the outer side of each nail in an unspecified way. After that, two layers of a nice healthy dark deep red colour were applied to finish with the topcoat! And that’s it really, nothing special but a bit different and perfect match with my Gucci reading glasses!

manicure, nails, gucci glasses



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