One Month Later...Why We Already Miss the Festive Face of London

06 Dec 2019Life Around
One Month Later...Why We Already Miss the Festive Face of London
Christmas 2016 and New Year's Eve might belong to the recent past and be compeltely over now. However some of us already miss that unique spirit; especially those who have been, living or visiting London during that time and thus have experienced the unique magic of the city that just makes us happy.
So at this belayed post, I would like to share some pictures and reasons of why we always love and miss the festive face of London and thus why in 2017, London should be your one and only Christmas destination.
1. Because London turns to a Fairy-tale City
Christmas Oxford Street
2. Because a Normal Day feels Special
Christmas London
London Christmas
3. Because Shopping Experience is at its Best (Although, you have to be a “fighter”)
New Bond Street London Christmas
Cartier London Christmas
Fenwick London Christmas
4. Because no matter how Cold is, we just want to Go Out
Christmas Covent Garden
London Christmas
5. Because Events & Attractions reach their Peak
Somerset House Christmas London
6. Because London totally Lights Up our Nights and our Hearts
Regent Street Christmas
New Bond Street Christmas London
7. Because we all Feel Kids
Winter Wonderland London Christmas
Winter Wonderland London
8. Because it can be far too Cosy
London Christmas
London Christmas
Christmas london
9. Because it makes us Wish for Love, Hope and Joy
Carnaby Street London Christmas
Carnaby street London Christmas
10. Because during that time we just feel Lucky to Be in London
New Bond Street london Christmas
London Christmas

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