Show me your Hands!

06 Dec 2019Skincare
Show me your Hands!

There is a phrase back home that says: “Our hands are the mirror of our soul”. I remember someone saying that to me when I was little in school with dirty hands, full of colours from the drawing marks. From that moment and after, I keep this phrase with me and I always try to have as much natty hands as possible; and when I say natty hands I don’t just mean the manicure which I believe to be a must for a female but also the skin of our hands, which is equally, if not more important.

As I have mentioned in the past, my skin is generally very sensitive requiring me to take extra care of it. However, the skin of our hands (and this applies to everyone) always demands the most of our attention, since it is the one continuously exposed to “hardships”, from cold weather to hand work; we use our hands all the time.

Avene Cicalfate hand cream

 So through the years I have tried lots of different hand creams but at the moment have selected just a few. During the cold months, I extensively use morning and night, the Cicalfate Repairing barrier hand cream from Avene; it is suitable for very dry and irritated hands, which is exactly what I need when my hands start getting very dehydrated and dull even with open wounds sometimes. So this is my primary choice in winter, since I consider it to be the most effective one when the skin is in a real need of healing. Avene is anyway a very well recognized brand for its efficient product lines around the numerous skin care issues.

L'Occitane hand cream

 Besides that I completely love and I always carry with me, all year and all day long, the Shea Butter hand cream from L’Occitane. I honestly consider it as one of the very best hand creams I’ve ever tried, with a very pleasant smell and smoothing touch due to the 20% Shea butter, honey and sweet almond extract. I usually get the travel size (30ml) to be easy to fit to any size of handbag because as I said it’s constantly with me!

Another hand cream that I discovered recently during my visit in Prague is the Havlikuv krem na ruce – Krasne ruce from the Czech brand, Havlikova Prirodni Apoteka. The brand started from a pharmacist’s viewpoint that the most effective products are coming directly from the nature. So he started producing cosmetics as natural as possible, keeping the philosophy of the brand till now while adapting to the current needs. From the hand cream and a lip balm that I purchased, I can say that you can feel the natural sensation on your skin with the hand cream leaving a lemon scent and the lip balm with the beeswax base. I will definitely try more products from the brand on my next visit there, although you can also have a look and buy online from

Moroccanoil hand cream
 Finally, I guess you all know the amazing Moroccanoil brand, widely known for its original Argan oil infused hair treatment. So I just tried also the Fleur de Rose hand cream of the line and I have to say I like it a lot. What I like the most about this particular cream is that feels very light in texture, made from argan, avocado oil, cocoa, shea and mango butters while leaves the scent of rose (but you can choose the fragrance Originale or Fleur d’ Oranger if you prefer).

 Whatever product you choose for your hands, make sure it is suitable in your case leaving your hands beautiful and soft; Because our “hands are the mirror of our soul” and as beautiful souls we want this to be reflected 



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