Small Leather Goods & Fine Scarves; The Perfect Gifts

06 Dec 2019Fashion
Small Leather Goods & Fine Scarves; The Perfect Gifts

We are just after Christmas, Boxing Day today and many of us still haven’t exchanged gifts and running to find the perfect ones for our people for New Year’s Eve. It’s the most beautiful time of the year and an opportunity to show our love to our family and friends with words, actions and special gifts that they will adore and link to us.

I always believed that for both men and women, good quality accessories, from leather and luxury fabrics as well as Jewellery are the nicest gifts that someone can offer, as they are gifts to last. Today though I’ve decided to focus specifically on leather goods and scarves; so let’s have a look on some of the items that caught my eye the most.



Her. Can be our bestfriend, our mother, our sister, ... whoever she is, make her happy and enthusiastic with a lovely gift.


  • “Whistles” Leather Goods



I’ve always had a thing for the leather goods that the brand offers as I find them to be well made in detail, simple but impressive and within a reasonable price range. Small accessories that make you feel good.


  • “Cyclades” Silk Scarves



For those with higher budget and in search of something luxuriously unique, I would suggest the amazing range of silk scarves from the British brand “Cyclades”, which are made in Italy with the finest materials. I adore and I’m sure you will as well the amazing colourful illustrations inspired by the Greek Mythology, Culture and History.

Although there are lots of luxury scarf options out there, “Cyclades” combines high quality with very exceptional designs, which makes them distinctive wardrobe pieces for statement appearances.


  • “The Kooples” Belts & Gloves


The Kooples

The Kooples” probably my very favourite brand at the moment. Especially when it comes to high quality leather accessories, “The Kooples” is the best choice out there. Unique designs, exceptional quality and rock elements, all contribute to accessories that stand out and can easily upgrade your outfit. The prices may not be affordable for everyone but during sales, is a great opportunity to buy something special; I already got my rock gloves and I’m in love with them.


  • “& Other Stories” Accessories


Other Stories

My perception of “& Other Stories” is as of a brand that has managed very soon to be established as an easily accessible fashion place where however; the items to be pursued are of high quality and distinctive style. You can find very nice accessories there, from as small as a key ring to as big as a huge backpack.



Him. can be our father, our brother, our boyfriend, our friend.... In any case when it comes to an important man in our life, we have to make him feel special and unique.


  • Leather Wallet


Leather Wallets

A good quality leather wallet is a necessary accessory for every man with class. Men don’t have such a variety of accessories to invest in like us and so the wallet is one of the few and most prestigious in their wardrobe.

Although it might sound too common to some, it is definitely a gift to be appreciated.


  • Luxury Leather Wallet


Luxury Wallets

And if a nice leather wallet is a great gift, a luxury leather wallet is an all time classic; perfect gift. So if there is the budget for a purchase like this, it is a must. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of high-end brands offering wallets of great design and remarkable quality; just choose the one that suits better to the person to be given.


  • Burberry Scarves


Burberry Scarves

Burberry Cashmere Scarfs have been now established as the ultimate winter accessory with a very strong heritage and the characteristic British prestige.

Without any doubt, a Burberry scarf would be a timeless piece in the wardrobe of any man or woman. Again it is a gift that requires a high budget but if it is for a very special person, if there is the affordability, is worth it.

Another thing that I would like to mention about Burberry scarves, is that although the “shout to” branding approach in the luxury industry appears to show a considerable decline and more people show their preference to subtle branding, I believe that Burberry scarves are of the few things that are still completely acceptable to be so booming and still looking elegant.


Whatever the gift, give it with love!

Happy New Year everyone...



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